Since graduating from the acclaimed theatre school Studio 58, Jamie Nesbitt has fast become one of Canada’s leading projections designers. His skills as a designer are wide ranging, and his repertoire of talents are constantly evolving. Jamie treats every show as a new opportunity to explore projection design, and how he can best support the play at hand.

In the stage version of It’s a Wonderful Life (Jessie nomination) Jamie used the original movie to magically bring the screen characters to life on stage. In Frost/Nixon, he created stunning projected environments, both realistic and abstract, to support the world of this award winning play (Jessie Award). In Spank!, (Jessie nomination) Jamie, and his team of 3D animators, collaborated to create a design where actors actually jumped between the virtual world and the live world onstage. Other designs have included Russian propaganda poster art, 2d animation, and his commercially successful photography.

Based out of Vancouver, Canada Jamie works across the country, in Europe and in New York. Jamie’s resume includes: The Canadian Stage Theatre company (Toronto), The Vancouver Playhouse (Vancouver), Kidd Pivot (Europe), Bard on the Beach (Vancouver), The Arts Club (Vancouver), The Electric Company (Vancouver), Theatre Calgary (Calgary),  Company 14 (New York), The Citadel (Edmonton), Pi Theatre (Vancouver), The Belfry (Victoria),  The Chop (Vancouver), Cahoots Theatre (Toronto), The Old Trout Puppet Workshop (Calgary), Neptune Theatre (Halifax),  The Actors Repertory Company (Toronto), The Yukon Arts Centre (Whitehorse), Rumble Productions (Vancouver) and many more. Jamie’s work has also toured North America with celebrated children’s theatre company Greenthumb Theatre.

His work has received national acclaim, being reviewed in the Globe and Mail and National Post. He is the recipient of 6 Jessie Richardson Award Nominations, a 2009 Jessie Richardson award, the 2008 Mayor Arts award, the 2007 Sam Payne award, and the 2006 Earl Klien Memorial Scholarship.